Why I feel I would serve the City well:

  • Cheryl for Ward 2 Salida Colorado City Council

    I love living in Salida.

My husband and I both grew up in Colorado but left the state as life and careers dictated. We wanted to return, but not to the front range. The small town atmosphere and the friendliness of Salida residents attracted us as much as the great weather and recreational opportunities. I want to see these key features of the city preserved, while ensuring that the city remains a well-rounded municipality that attracts residents of all ages and economic groups.

  • I am well qualified.

I have worked in numerous historic and non-profit groups in the community, as well as participated in the County Land Use Code revision, served on the Salida Planning Commission and am the elected City Treasurer. I have experience in leadership and government positions at universities and in the New Mexico State Public Education Department, even serving on the Legislative Team, I also have been a National Science Foundation Research Fellow, all while raising two children. My experience with League of Women Voters rounds out my working knowledge of issues and the importance of public input and collaborative, fact-based practices.

  • I see the need for reasoned and balanced approaches.

Local government should reflect citizen priorities and be committed to working together for the good of the community. We are all affected by the decisions made in Council meetings, so sessions need to be welcoming. Comments need to be taken seriously and, at the same time, should be considerate and respectful of all present. We are ALL in this together. So let’s move forward with good governance and an engaged, respectful community to make sense of the issues in the short-term, with decision that are guided by a long-term vision for our city.